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My Jen-uine thoughts: The Met Gala


Other than my birthday, The Super Bowl & Christmas… My most favorite day might have to be the “First Monday in May”… AKA The Met Gala red carpet (swoon.) This delightful day brings out the brightest, boldest & best in our favorite celebrities & creates THE MOST memorable moments in fashion. This year’s theme was “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” with a “Garden of Time” dress code…

Before I get into the whole who & what of what I want to wear in my dreams tonight… Let’s talk technicalities! For clarity, “Sleeping Beauties” doesn’t refer to the actual Aurora, Cinderella, Anastasia, Drizella or (my personal fav) Ariel… Instead, the title is a celebration of fashion so fantastically fragile & delicate… IT CAN NEVER BE WORN AGAIN! *Maleficent voice.* (Think in the vein of pieces that you’d find on display at The Met… In the archives of the Costume Institute…  Or maybe even in the back corner of my storage closet!) SHAMELESS PLUG: These pieces are the actual anthesis of Chloe Colette… My modern heirlooms meant to mix-n-match in your closet for years to come… According to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the plan was to showcase a wide range of fashion, from the 17th-century Elizabethan-era to more modern pieces that would be broken up into the themes “Land, Sea, & Sky.”

Let’s first try to understand this year’s dress code “The Garden of Time!” Ever heard term Ballardian? The Met’s dress code was inspired by a short story (of the same title) written in the 60’s by J.G. Ballard. A few fun facts… Ballard was best known for writing The Empire of the Sun (which was later turned into a Spielberg film)… The most obvious Met-related-connection is that Ballard was also a contributor to Vogue. In fact, in the late 70’s, Ballard  published an essay for British Vogue titled “The Future of the Future,” which wildly foreshadowed social media & its associated downside. (Ballard later went on the write for the Simpsons, jk jk jk.)

“The Garden of Time” is the story of a Count & Countess, living in their own personal utopia… In the story, they live in a villa with a view of a garden of crystalline flowers… But it’s not all roses. Cutting to the chase, they use “time flowers” from the garden to alter  you guessed it — time & keep their enemies at bay… Every time they plucked a flower, they turned back time… Eventually, their supply was no longer lush & the menacing mob they’d been meaning to avoid… Well, I don’t want to completely spoil the story for you  so, if you want to know how it ends  read it! The BBC also gave a great recap… Before I further digress & now that you understand the genesis of the looks… Let me recap MY MOST FABULOUS FIVE OF THE EVENING!

These five gorgeous dolls are listed in no particular order... Except Zendaya... Bc *spoiler-alert* I saved the best for last:


1. NICKI MINAJ: When Nicki prophetically said “I am the star in any room that I stand in… I am the standout, you just my stand-in”… She meant it. So, it should be no surprise that I am absolutely obsessed with NM in this floral, sculptured, dreamy dress… It’s as though she is literally wearing an actual art piece & I mean that in the v best way possible… Colorful flowers assorted all over on a mini – I die. *RZ voice.* How does one do any better than that?! Not sure about you, but I know that Marni truly transformed her into the most gorgeous garden I’ve ever seen… I’m in love! 💛🌸


2. RACHEL ZEGLER: So, although the dress does not necessarily embody the theme per se... I can’t help but adore this icy blue color… I could go on & gush over this glamorous design forever! The iridescence on Rachel‘s skin looks celestial & it is just giving me major water-princess-emerging-from-the-ocean-vibes… 👸🌊 Let’s be clear, I am so here for it!! *The monochromatic blue opera coat added the perfect amount of drama for the red carpet.* It’s an 11/10 for me! 💎 Many thanks to Michael Kors for this captivating eye candy.



3. JESSICA BIEL: It’s not gonna be (the first Monday in) May w/o JT’s counterpart… In this jaw dropping, embellished petal gown by Tamara Ralph, She. Is. Just. All. Of. The. Things. It’s flowers, it’s pink, it’s voluminous — need I say more! It’s everything I want to see on a red carpet, especially The Met Gala! I’m all about the deep V-plunge, it’s so flattering. I love her minimal hair & makeup — it flows perfectly with her fairy goddess vibe. Elegant yet dramatic… OMG LOVE! 💗💗💗



4. PHOEBE DYNEVOR: According to me, this was historical… Bc it’s the first gown that got to grace the Met Gala red carpet by the one & only Victoria Beckham! 🙌 Let me be clear, IT DID NOTTTTTT DISAPPOINT! I don’t think I have ever seen a more ethereal dress in my entire life! I am so into it!!! Phoebe has a unique way of embracing the dreamy essence of the gown… It all works perfectly — her body language, her flawless face & my mental association between her & Bridgerton. The faded rose-colored tool & intricate lace created an absolutely angelic silhouette… Plus, the plethora of delicate flowers & that train — it’s just perfection! 🌸


5. ZENDAYA: This dress absolutely stole the show… She slays, it’s giving the queen of The Met Gala! 👑 Leave it to Law Roach to bring us “OMG fashun” once again… Together, he & Zendaya made magic in this masterpiece by Maison Margiela (custom by John Galliano.) 🌟 It’s precisely on theme, it was mystical & glamorous & all of the things! The mounds of shimmering organza wrapped her body in all the right places… The feather headpiece & hand painted, metallic adornments were the perfect nod to “the natural world.” It was theatrical, it was a performance piece & it definitely deserves THE BEST DRESSED AWARD. I’m officially the most obsessed with this gorgeous gem! 💙🏆✨🖤🏆✨



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