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If there’s one thing I know about – it’s how to travel in style! Whether you’re weekending or taking your time in traveling the world... I’m about to share my favorite go-to tips that will make packing painless. Each one, lovingly shared, to help you stay stress-free & keep your packed pieces in perfect condition… Vacation mode activated!

  • BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE… Please hear me out on this, pack ANYTHING WHITE inside out!!! This means jeans, pants, tank, tees, whatever you want to wear! Why do it any other way? Accidents happen, whether it’s the TSA or even a leaky toiletry bag can be the culprit! Taking the risk of getting any of my goodies dirty, dripped on or spotted in my suitcase – that’s a hard no for me!!!!!
  • CHERISH CLEANING BAGS… Let’s reduce, reuse & recycle our dry-cleaning bags, dolls! You are goings to love using them as covers for your most delicate tops. This works beautifully for beading, sequins & every embellishment… WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR PIECES FROM PESKY PULLS – RUIN FINE FABRICS, NO MORE! Just cut your dry-cleaning covers in half, wrap your garment & voila, you’re good to go!
  • AVOID METAL MAYHEM… When traveling light, an idea I like to live by is basing my looks around one metallic tone. What does this mean exactly? STREAMLINE SILVER or GLOW GOLD! When there’s only room for one, pick & stick to your favorite metal… This will help you avoid double packing jewelry, bags & shoes. I like to pack one way or the other – with warm or cool tones – based on what I’m feeling at that moment. *Rose-gold girlies, I see you – you can opt to mix it up with your middle tone metal!*
  • PAUSE ON PURSES… Again, this tip is especially pertinent if you’re going on an overnight or weekending it… I recommend one versatile day bag & one classic night bag, bc even a clutch can take up so much space. (Every square inch counts!) We need to cut what we can & make space for essentials.
  • LOSE YOUR SHOES… I know it can be hard to resist packing an array fabulous footwear. If it’s going to be a short stay, you will want to curb your flat, platform, sneaker &/or heel habit… I HIGHLY SUGGEST you streamline shoes! As I said before, it can help to pick styles around cool or warm tones. Think about it, are you really going to slip into six different sandals in one weekend? Stop stressing, simplify & save some space!
  • A FLATLAY A DAY KEEPS THE STRESS AWAY  Count your looks for day & night, this way you can track back & find your fit... Being prepared prevents headaches!!! Don’t be caught on the day of -- deciding what you're going to wear bc you can’t recall why you packed this or that. Just scroll back to your reference pic & peacefully go about your day, doll!
  • CHEERS TO CHEAP VODKA… My favorite take-away from a Broadway show (besides a good soundtrack) is this terrific tip! Broadway costume designer’s keep this one close to the vest – it’s a best kept industry secret!!! Costume designers & stylists always keep vodka in their kit, but it’s not for cocktails! You see, you can use a vodka & water combination to make a spray solution that will instantly freshen up your items. This is perfect in a pinch, when there’s no time for dry cleaning. *Or if you’re looking to cut back on hefty dry-cleaning bills!* Typically, I like to mix 60% vodka with 40% water in spray bottle… The ratio really depends on the fabric & how it responds to water. (For instance, I use 100% vodka on wool… Sometimes you may need to be a mixologist & play a little bit of cleaning chemistry.) PLEASE NOTE THAT I ALWAYS SPOT-TEST BEFORE I GO HAM ON ANY GARMENT! OMG, DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL!!! NEVER USE IT, it’s too aggressive, the alcohol concentration is too high! Also, this is one occasion where I will definitely tell you NOT TO BE BOUGIE, use bottom-shelf vodka for this… The good stuff should be reserved for martinis, cosmos & cocktails of your choice! *P.S. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add a drop of essential oil to the spray bottle for scent.*

Hope these help… Happy holiday!

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